Sunday, April 24, 2011


‎"Why should I gain from His reward? //

I cannot give an answer //
But this I know with all my heart //
His wounds have paid my ransom."

Found a little church down the road from where
I'm staying to go to church this morning.
It was a sweet welcoming little church and the service
was pretty nice considering how small it was.

It was weird being away from my family for Easter,
it didn't quite feel the same, and brunch after church at starbucks
definitely didn't even hold a candle to the ham and macaroni and cheese
I was missing out on :P

But all the same I  was able to celebrate and rejoice
in the amazing love that my God and Savior had and still has for me.

I  will never understand it or really grasp the magnitude of it,
but the little I do understand, I'm so very grateful for.

Me and my buddies on the way to the rehearsal dinner :)

Tim Hortons--a Canada specialty :)

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