Friday, April 22, 2011


After a verrrry late night last night I got up early this morning
so I could be at the train station by 7:40 to go to downtown chicago.

I met two darling friends down there who were willing
to brave the absolutely terrible weather with me.
It was about 45 degrees and pouring rain all morning.

But we walked to Navy Pier and The Bean,
had lunch at chipotle, and went exploring in several little shops.

Despite the fact that we were sopping wet by the end
of the trip, it was fabulous :)
I just love Chicago so much.

And then it was rush rush to the airport.
I had to be there by 3:15 for my flight to CANADA!

I made it safely across the border
(I got to use my passport!)
but they didn't stamp it at all--HUGE dissapointment.
I thought about asking for at least a smiley face sticker or something
but I don't think they would have appreciated that.

'manda jean, my lovely hostess for the few days I was in Chi-town.
I love her!

No matter how many times I come, I will always take a bean picture.
I'm a tourist at heart--so sue me.

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