Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today was the beginning of my first big
traveling adventure this year ;)

After barely any sleep last night,
Hurried packing this morning,
(hurried as in, it was an hour before I was supposed
to leave for the airport and there were 3 things in my suitcase)
and a bumpy flight through nasty weather I made it to Chicago.

I'm here visiting one of my darling friends, Amanda
and I'm going to see several other dear friends while I'm here.

Yay for being back in one of the few cities that I actually love.

Chicago suburbs by air.

p.s. I'll be slowly catching up on all the posts I've been missing the last few days.
wifi is hard to come by when traveling ;)


  1. Ooohhh... no nasty flying weather, please. =)

  2. Yay you made it to chicago!!!! :D hehe