Monday, March 21, 2011


One of my favorite things about summer nights
are walks after dinner.
Just as the sun starts to slip over the horizon
kids are out riding their bikes
couples young and old are taking walks while holding hands
the breezes are soft and smell like green grass
and the whole world feels like it's smiling.

Oh, and I also like that it's prime time to
walk thru the neighborhood and see into people's houses.
It's just dark enough to see into the warmly lit houses
but not so dark that they've thought to shut the blinds yet ;)
And I'm not a creeper, I promise.
I'm just curious.
And I love people watching...and imagining their lives.

p.s. I got a darling necklace in the mail from a friend today.
It looks just like a little blue robins egg :)

p.p.s. 30 years ago tomorrow, my dad took my mom out
on their very first date, and the rest was history as they say.
Dad will be going out of town tomorrow, so he took mom out to dinner tonight.
I love them :)

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