Friday, January 21, 2011


Today (the 21st) marks the first day of my last full month
of being 21. (<--confusing much?? ;)
Birthdays are important milestones.
I kind of get really really excited about them.
And 22, me??
Good gracious when did I grow up?
Oh well, at least I have one more month of
childish 21 year old-ness. ;)

hey hey...looks like someone needs to clean their mirror ;)
I love how she stands guard at my window, always ready to bark ferociously at any stray cat or squirrel that dares to wander through our front yard.


  1. i love your outfit! CUTENESS! :D

  2. eh, the dirty mirror is just a natural texture on the picture =) i really like your blog! -stephanie

  3. can you get any more adorable? oh so cute you always are!